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    Reduce Food Waste, Save Energy, Save Money with RD Fresh

    Benefits of using RD Fresh

      • RD Fresh - Increases food shelf life up to 50%
      • RD Fresh - Reduces humidity and food odors
      • RD Fresh - Reduces the spread of bacteria
      • RD Fresh - Reduces cross contamination
      • RD Fresh - Reduces temperatures 3-5 degrees
      • RD Fresh - Reduces refrigeration cycles
      • RD Fresh - Reduces energy costs
      • RD Fresh - Extends the life of the compressor

    How RD Fresh works

    RD Fresh is a 100% natural Refrigeration Dehumidifier that dramatically improves the shelf life of food by absorbing moisture and other contaminates that contribute to spoilage. RD Fresh uses a proprietary mix of zeolites (clinoptilolite and chabazite) along with montmorillonite and coconut shell carbon. The minerals have a unique 3-dimensional structure (similar to a honeycomb) consisting of interconnected tunnels and cages. Moisture and gas molecules move freely into the tunnels, and are then trapped within the cages.

    RD Fresh keeps meats fresher!


    Moisture accelerates the spoilage of meat. Spoiling meat produces ammonia and nitrogen, which in turn further accelerates the spoilage. RD FRESH absorbs water (H2O), ammonia (NH3) and nitrogen (N).

    RD Fresh keeps fish fresher!


    Spoiling fish produces carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. RD FRESH absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulfide, (H2S) and ammonia (NH3).

    RD Fresh keeps produce fresher!


    Produce emits ethylene gas, which accelerates the spoilage of other produce. RD Fresh absorbs this ethylene gas to help slow the rate of spoilage.