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    Science You Can See

    Some of our clients have sent in pictures of RD Fresh at work in their walk-in. It's easy to see how RD Fresh is reducing moisture, cross-contamination, saving time and money!

    Cavalier Country Club Dry Age Steaks

    The Cavalier Yacht & Country Club in Virginia Beach, VA is using the unique moisture absorbtion properties of RD Fresh to "Dry Age" steak in their walk-in cooler!

    Get the same results as expensive restaurants right in your own home!

    Steaks – anything but filet mignon – (New York or rib eyes are best) should be a minimum of one inch thick...


    Learn more about Dry Aging steak with RD Fresh... download the info sheet! click here

    The Atlantic Hotel Order More...Less Deliveries!

    The Atlantic Hotel & Spa in Fort Lauderdale, FL takes advantage of the extra shelf life they get by using RD Fresh by purchasing fresh herbs and vegetables in bulk for big savings! The Executive Chef makes certain that everything is exposed to allow the produce to "breathe" and get the most benefit from RD Fresh. Order More...Less Deliveries!

    JB's Restaurant Stop Cross Contamination

    JB's on the Beach located in Deerfield Beach, FL is now able to keep seafood, meats, rice and vegetables together in their walk-in without any cross-contamination using RD Fresh. Notice how exposed rice and fish are stacked next to each other! Even freshly made pies and deserts are stored next to seafood! They also save time and money by not needing to individually wrap seafood, food or vegetables all in the same cooler.

    J.Mark's Restaurant Prevent Microbial Growth

    J.Mark's Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, FL has been a RD Fresh customer since 2008. Notice from the images below how RD Fresh in J.Mark's walk-in prevents moisture beads from forming on proofing bread and exposed butter preventing cross-contamination!

    As noted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration - Evaluation and Definition of Potentially Hazardous Foods, Chapter 3. Factors that Influence Microbial Growth

    Microorganisms need water in an available form to grow in food products. The control of the moisture content in foods is one of the oldest exploited preservation strategies.

    Science Fair Even a 3rd Grades Get’s it!!

    Lindsey, a 3rd grade student at Lakes Elementary School in Lacey, WA made RD Fresh the subject of her Science Fair project. She found that strawberries in her refrigerator without RD Fresh began to form mold after just 6 days. However, strawberries in the refrigerator with RD Fresh had no sign of mold even after 14 days! Even a 3rd Grades Get’s it!!

    RD Fresh - Science you can see!