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    VegieFresh - Keep your Fruit and Vegetables Fresher Longer


    Residential Solutions - Keep your Fruit & Vegetables Fresher Longer!

    With the success of our RD Fresh product line for commercial applications (Restaurants, Hospitals, Food Service), we wanted to find a way to give the same benefits to every household. We realized that fruit and vegetables accounted for the largest losses in consumer food waste and made this our focus. Using our 100% natural mineral mix we created VegieFresh!

    Why Do I Need VegieFresh?

      • American families throw out 25% or more of the food they buy each year
      • The average family of four wastes $1,356 to $2,275 annually
      • Fresh fruit and vegetables account for the largest losses
      • As much as two-thirds of household energy waste is due to food spoilage

    Visit the VegieFresh Website Download the VegieFresh Press Kit

    How to use VegieFresh

    Step 1

    Remove the VegieFresh Clamshell from the packaging.

    how to use VegieFresh - Step 1

    Step 2

    Mark the month and day so you know when to replace!

    how to use VegieFresh - Step 2

    Step 3

    Place VegieFresh in your crisper bin for three months.

    how to use VegieFresh - Step 3

    Helpful Tips & Recycling Information

    VegieFresh is 100% Recyclable

    For Best Results

    Open humidity slots for crisper drawers and keep crisper drawers slightly open if possible. Expose fruits and vegetables whenever possible.

    Disposal Information

    Our 100% Green Mineral Mix is completely recyclable to the planet. The same gases that VegieFresh absorbs make excellent fertilizer and can be added to your garden. Reuse or recycle the VegieFresh is 100% recyclable clamshell as usual, and for the greenest among us, the DuPont Tyvek can be recycled directly to DuPont making VegieFresh a truly zero footprint product!